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Scaling and Root Planing - Arlington, TX 

Treat Gum Disease with Periodontal Therapy

Mouth needing scaling and root planing in Arlington.

Besides the health of your teeth, your gums are equally important. The biggest threat to your gum health is an infection called periodontal (gum disease). Although it’s preventable, at least 50% of Americans have it, making it the leading cause of tooth loss. We can treat the infection before it causes irreversible damage to your smile with scaling and root planing in Arlington. Also called a deep cleaning, we’ll remove the tartar accumulations harming your smile to restore your dental health.

How Do I Know If I Need Scaling and Root Planing?

Model of tartar buildup and gum disease.

The earliest stage of gum disease is gingivitis, which causes red, swollen, and bleeding gum tissue. Although many people believe these issues are normal and often attribute them to brushing too hard, they are a red flag that indicates a problem. It’s best to contact our office right away for the right intervention.

During your appointment, we’ll examine your gum tissue and measure the depths of your periodontal pockets. If our examination concludes gum disease is present or you’re at risk of the infection, we’ll recommend scaling and root planing. If the infection isn’t treated, it can lead to a variety of complications, including:

  • Bone and tissue loss
  • Tooth loss
  • Loose teeth
  • Shifting teeth

Untreated gum disease is also linked to increasing the risk of several health issues, like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetic complications. Scaling and root planing is the first step to preserving your smile and protecting your health.

How Scaling and Root Planing Works

Woman having scaling and root planing treatment.

The first step to periodontal therapy involves a deep cleaning. An anesthetic may be used to ensure you are comfortable during the treatment. We begin with scaling, which involves using a special dental instrument to remove tartar buildup above and below the gum line to eliminate the bacteria causing the infection. After your teeth are cleaned, we’ll perform root planing using another dental instrument to smooth the root surfaces of your teeth. It discourages future buildup while allowing your gum tissue to reattach to your teeth to seal out bad bacteria.

Depending on the severity of the infection, we may split the treatment across multiple appointments for your comfort. We may also recommend more frequent cleanings and checkups to help keep the infection at bay.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

Image of healthy gum tissue.

If you have gum disease, we suggest having scaling and root planing as soon as possible to restore a healthy smile. The procedures provide a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Non-surgical solution to quickly treat the infection to prevent further damage.
  • Removing plaque and tartar buildup will resolve your gum pain, tenderness, and inflammation.
  • Treating the infection stops chronic bad breath.
  • Your periodontal pockets will reattach to your teeth to prevent decay and other complications associated with exposed roots, like tooth loss.
  • Safeguard your general health from the risks of gum disease.
  • Affordable and effective solution to treat the infection.

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