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Dental Services in Arlington

Your smile should last a lifetime. To help that happen, our team at I-20 Family Dental provides a preventive dental plan with you—one that you’ll follow at home and by coming into our office for regular checkups and professional hygiene visits. By adhering to a good homecare routine and working with us at the practice, you’ll reap great rewards, like preventing gum disease, and allowing us to catch problems early, while they’re in the most treatable stage. Maintaining oral health saves you time, expense, and possible discomfort.

If you do need restorative care, don’t put it off. Dr. Stephen Wardlaw encourages patients to come in for a consultation, no matter their dental condition. We will never judge you on the condition of your smile, and will use the most conservative treatment at our disposal to restore your mouth to total function and beauty. Our restorative dental solutions include tooth-colored fillings, solid and attractive dental implants, dentures, bridges, and partials.

Did you know that every dental procedure has an aesthetic facet? The integrity of your smile’s appearance is important to us. We place tooth-colored restorations for that very reason. If you’d like to enhance your smile, we offer porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and professional teeth whitening. At your personal consultation, you and Dr. Wardlaw can discuss the options available and decide what cosmetic treatments will meet your individual needs.

The following pages contain more information about our main service offerings. We’d love to reserve time just for you to talk about how we can achieve your goals for an outstanding smile. If you have any questions, call our office for the information you need. We welcome patients from all over Arlington, as well as Mansfield, Ft. Worth, Grand Prairie, and Kennedale, and other surrounding areas.

Our available treatment options include: