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5 Tips to Prevent Dental Implant Infections

January 7, 2020

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dental implantIf you’ve lost a tooth or two over the years, dental implants offer the next best thing to your real teeth. They are the only dental prosthetic to replace the entire structure of a tooth, creating a close replica to what you lost. Not only will you enjoy a solution that looks and feels natural but also one that can last for a lifetime with the right care. The biggest threat to the long-term success of your new smile is infection. Thankfully, preventing dental implant infections in Arlington is easy using a few simple tips.

Protect Your Investment

Dental implants in Arlington are the most reliable solution to treat tooth loss with over a 95% success rate. They are proven to last for decades with the right care. Although it is rare, dental implants can fail. Most often, it’s the result of a preventable infection called peri-implantitis. You can significantly decrease your risk of complications by keeping a few simple tips in mind:

  1. Rinse your mouth often.

After your implant placement surgery, it’s important to get into the habit of rinsing your mouth frequently. This not only aids the healing process, but it also reduces harmful bacteria in your mouth in between brushing and flossing.

  • Brush twice per day.

Although dental implants aren’t subject to tooth decay, you’ll still need to brush your teeth at least twice a day. This removes bacteria and plaque from your mouth that can lead to an infection. It’s best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste for at least two minutes.

  • Floss nightly.

Your toothbrush is your first line of defense against preventable oral health issues. Although it’s effective, it can’t clean everywhere in your mouth. The only way to remove buildup from in between your teeth and around the dental implants is with dental floss. Use a high-quality floss to clean hard-to-reach areas in your mouth every night before going to bed. Some people find a water flosser to be easier and more effective to keep their smile healthy.

  • Visit your dentist.

You’ll need to visit your implant dentist in Arlington at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. Routine care removes accumulations left behind by your toothbrush and floss while also monitoring your dental health to detect any issues sooner. Quick intervention can prevent dental implant failure with the right treatment plan.

  • Don’t smoke.

Smoking hinders your body’s ability to heal and fight infections. Research shows the risk of implant failure can increase to 20% if you smoke. If you can’t kick the habit, it’s best to avoid smoking for at least 2 months after your placement surgery.

Enjoy Lasting Results

You can ensure your new smile lasts with the right care at home and from your dentist. Protect your investment with a proactive approach to your dental hygiene.

About Dr. Stephen Wardlaw

Dr. Stephen Wardlaw as been practicing dentistry for over 20 years. He provides advanced dental solutions to patients of all ages. His extensive qualifications and training allow him to treat even the most complex cases, like tooth loss. If you’re interested in dental implants, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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