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Dentist in Arlington Explains the Cost of Dental Implants

April 6, 2018

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dental implantOver the last several decades, the rate of tooth loss in the United States has drastically declined due to improvements in dental care. Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than 120 million Americans have at least one missing tooth. To fill the empty space, more than 500,000 people per year are turning to dental implants. When compared to other dental prosthetics, they will allow you to regain the next best thing to your real teeth. Your dentist in Arlington can help you restore your smile; however, before you are ready to commit, you are concerned about their cost. Although they may cost more upfront than traditional options, they allow you to make a long-term investment.

4 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Dental Implants

November 4, 2017

Smiling senior man in dental chairWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, the first question people ask their dentist is, “How much will it cost?” This is an essential question, but before you get the answer, there are a few other questions that are more important for you to hear the answers to. Read this post to learn some of the questions you need to ask your dentist when shopping for the best deal on dental implants.

Dentist in Arlington Explains the Dental Implant Process

August 24, 2017

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Representation of dental implantAre you ready to join more than 500,000 people this year who are choosing to replace their missing teeth with dental implants? That is great! While you are excited about regaining a complete smile with your dentist in Arlington, you are also a bit apprehensive about the process. Your concerns are only natural as it will require surgery and take several months to complete. However, if you head into the procedure well-educated about what to expect, you have nothing to fear.

Find the Best Dentist in Arlington for Dental Implants

April 19, 2017

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Dr. Wardlaw is the trusted dentist in Arlington for dental implants.If you are ready to make an investment in your dental health and quality of life with dental implants, you are making a wise decision. Now that you are ready to restore your smile with the most effective option for tooth replacement, you need a dentist in Arlington. You have many options in the area; however, not all can provide you with effective, convenient care. You need to find a dentist who can handle the entire procedure in-office while making the process stress-free and affordable. Dr. Wardlaw wants you to make the best choice possible. He has the tips you need to find the best implant dentist for your new smile.

Caring For Your Dental Implants from Arlington Dentist

August 12, 2016

dental implants in arlingtonIs cleaning your dental implants the same as cleaning your natural teeth? Not quite. Your dental implants and their connecting abutments are made out of a different material than natural dental structure, and they attach to your gums differently, too. Your dental hygienist will use special tools for cleaning your dental implants during your checkup and cleaning. At-home care, however, does not look much different from what you are probably used to. Learn how to care for your dental implants in Arlington from your dentist, Dr. Stephen Wardlaw.


What Are Dental Implants? How Do They Work?

July 25, 2016

dental implants in arlingtonIf you are dealing with an incomplete smile, are on the brink of tooth loss, or are frustrated with an ill-fitting denture, know that dental implants provide the most stability in tooth replacement. What are dental implants? They are tiny titanium cylinders that are surgically placed beneath the gum line. Titanium is a material that fuses with bone matter. The provide unmatched security for the denture, crown, or bridge that is affixed on top.