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4 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Dental Implants

November 4, 2017

Smiling senior man in dental chairWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, the first question people ask their dentist is, “How much will it cost?” This is an essential question, but before you get the answer, there are a few other questions that are more important for you to hear the answers to. Read this post to learn some of the questions you need to ask your dentist when shopping for the best deal on dental implants.

Do Bleeding Gums Mean I Have Gum Disease?

July 21, 2017

Woman examining smile for signs of gum disease Periodontal (gum) disease affects millions of US adults. However, some studies indicate that as much as half of these patients don’t even know they’re suffering from this common oral health condition. For this reason, screening for periodontal disease is a regular part of dental checkups at I-20 Dental. Dr. Stephen Wardlaw and his team will do their utmost to help our patients prevent this potentially damaging oral health issue. We can also provide a variety of periodontal therapies to put the smile back on your face, but the first step is to make an accurate diagnosis.

Don’t Overthink, No Sweat Tooth Extractions in Arlington!

January 24, 2017

Experiencing extreme toothaches recently? You can eliminate that pain for good with tooth extractions in Arlington. The whole idea behind routine, consistent oral care is to prevent gum disease and the major loss of teeth. So it may be puzzling to imagine that there are some cases where extraction is necessary for a patient’s oral health and overall well-being. Dr. Stephen Wardlaw of I-20 Family Dental is the holder of many prestigious rankings in regards to his dentistry (ADA, TDA, AACD, AGD, among others.) With over 18 years of practice, Dr. Wardlaw is well-versed in necessary tooth extractions in Arlington. The combination of his drive and our office team keeps Texan smiles healthy and bright.


How to Choose the Best Dentist in the 76017 Area

October 17, 2016

Puzzled when choosing the best dentist in the 76017 area? Dr. Stephen Wardlaw has the skills and manner your family needs for great oral health care.

What characteristics should your dentist have? A modern office, the latest diagnostic techniques, a wide skill set–your family dentist should have all these and more. The team at I-20 Family Dentistry wants you to have the best dental experience possible and to develop a long term relationship with an outstanding dentist in the 76017 area, Dr. Stephen Wardlaw.


Caring For Your Dental Implants from Arlington Dentist

August 12, 2016

dental implants in arlingtonIs cleaning your dental implants the same as cleaning your natural teeth? Not quite. Your dental implants and their connecting abutments are made out of a different material than natural dental structure, and they attach to your gums differently, too. Your dental hygienist will use special tools for cleaning your dental implants during your checkup and cleaning. At-home care, however, does not look much different from what you are probably used to. Learn how to care for your dental implants in Arlington from your dentist, Dr. Stephen Wardlaw.